Bible Dynamics

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Vol. 1-a (Genesis part A) –
Vol. 1-b (Genesis part B) –
Vol. 2 (Exodus) –

    About Pinchas Polonsky, author of BIBLE DYNAMICS series

    Pinchas Polonsky (Russian: Полонский Петр (Пинхас) Ефимович, born 1958) is a Russian-Israeli Jewish-religious philosopher, researcher, and educator active among the Russian-speaking Jewish…

    Preface to the English Edition

    The Midrash notes that “every generation has its expounders,” and new commentaries to the Torah are needed in every generation.…

    Bible Dynamics, Vol. 1-A. Genesis,
    Bereshit-Chayei Sarah

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    Bible Dynamics, Vol. 1-B. Genesis,
    Toldot – Vayechi

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    Bible Dynamics, Vol. 2. Exodus

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