Universal Religious Zionism

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 Tzionut Datit Olamit | ציונות דתית עולמית

Religious Zionism has completed the developmental phase of integrating religious and national values.
It is time for the next phase –
the integration of universal and religious values.



A new paradigm of the three-stage messianic process:

Projection of Biblical kings onto the State of Israel.

1. Saul, Mashiach ben Yosef – Herzlian Political Zionism

2. David, Mashiach ben Yehuda – contemporary Religious Zionism

3. Solomon, Mashiach ben David – emerging Universal Religious Zionism


Discern the Torah-authentic sparks that are concealed within the shells of universal values and integrate them into Religious Zionism.


1. Promote the religious perspective on universal values and their integration with Religious Zionism.
2. Form a think tank to foster the development and advocacy of Universal Religious Zionism.
3. Develop educational programs to cultivate a new generation of followers for Universal Religious Zionism.

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