Bible Dynamics


First of all, I would like to express my special gratitude to the Rav Uri-Amos Cherki, one of the most outstanding rabbis and religious philosophers of modern Israel, student of the R. Z.-Y. Kook and R. Y.-L. Ashkenazi (Manitou).  The lessons of R. Sherki allowed  me to explore this new approach to the Torah, on which the Biblical Dynamics commentary is based.

I would like to thank everyone who helped in creating this book at its various stages:

First of all, Mikhail Fridman, without whose support the translation into English could not take place, and
Betzalel (Todd) Shandelman, the translator of the book, for his wonderful work.

I was also privileged to benefit from the advice and support of Leonid and Irina Margulis, Alexander and Yulia Shlyankevich, Masha Yaglom, Yuri Livshets, Grigory Yashgur, E. Ya., Galina Zolotusky, Alexander Levchenko, Miсhaеl Sherman and Yulia Yaglom, Boris and Anna Gulko, Mikhail Leipunsky, Olga Emdin, Rivka Rosin, Iris Mersel, Anna Steingart, Sofia Rivkind, Tamara Levin, Inessa Rifkin, Ilya Brodsky, Roman Rytov, Anatoly Gurevich, Marat Ressin, Ilya Salita.

I also would like to thank all those who participated in the work on the original Russian edition of this book:

Elena Gitel, Alexander Merman, Oleg Evdokimenko, Mikhail Simonov, Eugene Birger, Nechama Simanovich, Nathan Brusovani, Svetlana Rousakovski, Lea Ashurov z”l, Nelly Kemmel z”l, Avshalom Donskoy, Alexander Astakhov, Alexander Yurovsky, Alexey Shumai, Alina Pozin, Alon Lembritsky, Anna Tkatch, Baruch and Rina Yusin, Boris Shapiro, Vadim Akopyan, Dmitry Akopyan, Valentin Leshchinsky, Valeriy Khaiznikov, Victor Prokopenko, Galina Bleikh, Gershon and Natalia Levitsky , Dmitry Radyshevsky, Eugene Bulgarelli, Elena Rimon, Joseph Shrago, Lea Lubomirskaya, Lily Tsinkovskaya, Marina and Alexander Podelko, Marina and Alexander Sapir, Marina and Mikhail Magrilov, Marina Matlin, Maria Kopylova, Mark Zelikman, Meir Gross, Menashe Elyashiv, Miriam and Levy Kitrossky, Mikhail Weisberg, Mikhail Golosovsky, Mikhail Zeleny, Michael Zule, Michael Goldblat, Natalia Bartenev, Natalia Zwibel, Olga Rivka Umansky, Sonya Kofman, Shlomo Gendelman, Eli Samoilovich, Ella Byshevskaya.

Pinchas Polonsky

Pinchas Polonsky (Russian: Полонский Петр (Пинхас) Ефимович, born 1958) is a Russian-Israeli Jewish-religious philosopher, researcher, and educator active among the Russian-speaking Jewish community. He has written original books and a number of translations of works on Judaism. During his underground activities in Moscow (1977–1987), he taught Judaism and was one of the founders of Machanaim. He lives in Israel, is an activist in the process of the modernization of Judaism and is a researcher on the topics of the late Rav Kook. Polonsky is the author of a commentary on the Torah under the title "Biblical Dynamics". Dr. Polonsky initiated EJWiki, an academic encyclopedia on Jewish and Israeli topics.

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